You turn, and I learned that the wall comes falling down.
Not a word, only hurt when my friends can tell me now,
I feel loved when I see your face
but all these scars, I can't replace.
Shock me high,
hit me hard, and I don't know what to say.

When you knock on my door and tell me you don't wanna fight, oh, baby I'm sure that I'm not gonna fall this time.

You never brought me flowers, never held me in my darkest hours, and you left it so late that my heart feels nothing nothing in towers.
Once we were made like towers, everything could've been ours, but you left it too late now my heart feels nothing nothing at all

Hope Jasmine Bull - 19 - Leicester, UK.


Perald Edwards being smart, sensual and grown-up woman  a dog a.k.a reasons why I say Zayn deserves better

it’s so sad that you’re wasting your time doing a whole gifset for proofing how ugly is perrie?? i’m so sad for you , i can’t even reply back and defend perrie because this is too stupid to be talked about.

Let your jealousy run wild. Zayn does NOT give a shit for your opinion. I’ll just put this here as a friendly reminder.

perrie edwards in “instagram videos”

she’s a little minx, boobs out and everything.

Jesy performing at British Summer Time

Perrie Edwards or runway model? The world may never know.

same Leigh, same

I so so so want a tattoo that no one has ever had…

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